Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Watching any movie is like having full meals. Inippu, pulippu, kaaram... it has to have everything in the right proportion and I need to enjoy kattu-kattufying the full meals, and most of all, has to be super value for the money spent, else it gets thrashed.

Most of the [Bollywood] films I have been watching of late, have been so terrible, boring and above all - just not worth the 350 Rupees spent at PVR, they are not even layaak to be reviewed on the blog. Even the much hyped Peepli Live turned out to be one draabai.

And comes, Endhiran after three whole years of fasting. The last full meals I had was on 14.06.'07. Endhiran is not full meals. It's Shankar's Special Thali with not one, three meals in one periiiyaaaaa plate.

Rocking Robot

Dr.Vaseeegaran [Vasi] creates a super duper Robot - Chitti who does everything from shoe polishing to cooking to putting Mehendi. Dr.Bohra, Vasi's mentor and villain refuses to give his nod for the Robot to be used for Defense purposes and asks Vasi to stop his research as well only because Chitti only follows instructions and doesn't quite use his judgement to complete his tasks. So, Vasi activates a variety of emotions in Chitti that helps him act carefully but er.. Chitti actually falls in love with Sana, Vasi's girl friend. Chitti turns the baddie, kidnaps Sana, multiplies himself, goes into destruction mode all in less than two hours 45 minutes giving us a super duper virundhu.

Romantic Robot

I watched the movie with the entire balcony booked for us by a good samaritan. And more than 3/4ths of the 236 people who watched the film with me were non-Tamilians who didn't understand the language. But yet the applauded at the right places. Take for example, the interval block. The stage where Sana played by Aishwarya Rai gives a peck on Chitti's cheek and his reaction post that indicating that he's smitten by her. Junta clapped non-stop...Adudhan Shankar! Adudhan Thalaivar!

Rahman-ic Robot

This is the season of (A R) Rahman bashing. Even now after the songs have become a super hit, people indulge and please themselves bashing Rahman. Vettiyans!

Shankar has done full justice to Rahman's songs. Loved Thalaivar and Chitti dancing for 'Boom Boom..'. 'Kaadhal Anukkal' sung by Vijay Prakash and Shreya has been shot beautifully in Brazil. Next holiday angadaan. Any sponsors?

Honestly, didn't quite like the picturization of Kilimanjaro. Machu-Pichu didn't look all that great. Loved Irumbile Or irudayam. ARR's voice - full justice.

And SPB's voice in Pudhiya Manidha is outstanding and comes in at the right time.

But the wow-o-wow song is Arima Arima . Fantabulous! Adra sakka-nnu naanan. Shankar in a different league only.

Rahman - forget your bashers. Silly mortals. You Rock Thalaivare!

Rouse Robot

Major credit for Robot putting Rouse goes to the Late Sujatha Rangarajan, Shankar and Madhan Karky. The dialogues with the cop Kochi Haneefa, Rangoosi Mosquito and the scene at the hair salon - nalla punch. The Chellatha scene is also too much! The dialogues in the climax where Chitti dismantles himself - Senti aayiten boss!

Even the smallest of small details in the dialogues are to be noted - for eg. Chitti helping Sana during her exams and telling the professors on the things pending from his end.

Rasigan [of] Robot

The director has completely understood the Rajini Rasigan and the fact that they crave to watch the original villain of the 80s. Chitti two point o is the reincarnation of Moondru Mugam, Avargal, 16 Vayadinile. That nadai, that rouse, that style, that Meeeeeiii - Total Applause! Evlo naalachu Thalaivar-a ippadi pathu?

Rowdhram Robot

The action sequences where Chitti ..illa Chittis go about fighting with people are mind blowing.
Don't miss the humor in the train sequence where he actually stops someone from spitting from the train.

Serious-a, Tamizh cinema is going places. At one hand, here we are making films like Kalavani that appeal to the hardcore B and C and there are films like Eeram & Boss (e) Baaskaran for the multiplex mandais and there is Endhiran which has taken to another league only. Vaazhga Tamizh cinema!

Wonderful SFX in not just the action sequences but all the Chitti scenes. The prosthetic makeup for Chitti is flawless. Kudos guys!

Randy Robot

Some fantastic work out there from Rathnavelu, the cinematographer. It would have been quite a task shooting the two Rajnis, action sequences and all. Romba super Sir!

Rajini Robot

I don't know if Rajni should do another film after this. Don't get me wrong. Endhiran is so mind-blowingly fantastic that it is going to be difficult to match the expectations of not just his fans but people world over. And if ever he does one, he should do something completely different - may be an out and out villainous character. Actually, am not sure. Awestruck after watching Endhiran!

Rai Robot

Aishwarya Rai actually looks young in this film. Botox ki Jai Ho! But her costumes are terrible.. really terrible! Manish Malhotra brings his Poonal saari, jarring colors... why why? Savitha Reddy has done a good job dubbing for Rai but puhleez koncham Englipees training chahiye! Accent putting in Englipees - not azhagu.

ROFL ( of )Robot

The producers have spent 150 Crores + on this film. Couldn't they have spent a little bit extra flying down someone to Mumbai to train Danny Denzongpa to speak Tamizh? Annan is rattling in total Hindi and poor Kadhir(avan) dubbing for him.

Revathy Sankaran - Paati only layakku for vetti pecchu. She cannot put one decent act. She puts one adfilm acting "Arasan soappu vangunga" kind of expression. Paavam Delhi Kumar. Doubt if people recognized him as a side side kick. He has exactly two dialogues :( Raaghav the most annoying tundu-beedi vetti has something to talk about for the rest of life. His two and half scenes on Robot. Yerkanave ivan scene poduvan. Inime taangaduda saami!

And the person who has made maximum money on this film is not director Shankar, not Kalanidhi Maran... not even Rajni Saar. It is these model coordinators like Thara Umesh. Too many upmarket, SEC A++ looking junior artistes.

Art Director Sabu's work also is konjam disappointing. Happy home, Vasi's research studio - looked very adfilmi and set-ty.

Raasi Robot

Two hardcore Kamalagaasan fans came to me and said they have observed that Thalaivar always used Kamalagaasan's name in all his films as a sentiment FOR THE FILM TO BECOME A HIT. Do you agree? I don't!

But before I conclude, here's what I would like to say:

Thank you Kamlagaasan! Bigger thank you Saaruk kaan! [They said No to the film before it came to Thalaivar]

Robot Ratings

It'd be an insult to give this film any star, moon or planet rating. And I don't want to squeeze this film under five or ten stars.

If you haven't watched this film, go book yourself a ticket and be a part of this Entertaining, Exhilarating, Exciting, Enjoyable Endhira vizha! What an Experience!