Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bead work

Saw some of the beaded craft items at someone's Golu. 

The Sofa set...

Animals, Tulasi maadam, tray ...

Wanted to check if any of you reading this post knows how to make these. Would love to learn how to make them.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Golu 2012

Travelling 4 hours to and fro office, had all the enthu and patience for a full-on Golu, for a few years. When the commute became 1/2 hour, the patience level also shrunk with the increase in work hours. The Golu took a temporary VRS for three years and this year I had decided to revive it, taking out all the Golu bommais that were shifted to the attic when we shifted homes in 2009.

Mine is usually a 'general golu' nothing theme based here. 

This is how my Golu looks this year. (warning - lengthy post, you will need a lot of porumai that I didn't have while writing this one)

We've been using the metal padi for some time now. Apart from the time it takes to set up, it ends up spoiling the flooring and it is impossible to escape the sharp edges' creating a scar on your skin. Decided to go for the much publicized plastic golu padi which took about 1 1/2 hours for two people to set up. Like always woke up last minute to realize the plastic golu padis were sold out at the outlet near our place. Managed to get this from another outlet at the last minute. 

Added two cardboard boxes covered with silver paper for the sixth padi and another box covered with veshti as the last one.

First - Welcome Padi

Has two dolls with Deepam and a stand alone Lord Shiva's attendant with a Thulasi maadam 

Second padi - one half of the padi has a Sashtiabdapoorthy with two people seeking the blessings of the couple with other relatives and friends around.

The other half of the second padi has a Kalyanam with the wedding ceremony ...

and Sikkal Shanmugasundaram and Balaiyya as Nadaswara Party. AVM Rajan is missing and so is Tillana Moganambal.

Third padi

It has wooden kitchen set from Sawantwadi in Maharashtra which we had picked up in '06 and a Chettiar couple selling fruits from Sawantwadi

Meet Daisy Irani, an old doll which was bought in Pondicherry in one of the shops that sells old Golu bommais. There is a charm in old bommais that are not made any longer. This particular one wears a 'gown' and check out her retro hairstyle like we see in old movies.

Fourth padi

Uzhaikkum karangal

Ladies on the ural, arivaalmanai, ural and the men where one is a goldsmith I think.

Two new dolls that were bought this time - the Kaaval Devadais (left) & School Master (right)- a bommai that serves as a reminder of the 11 padi Golu in Madras at home. School Master used to be a part of the grand golu in Madras every year.

 Lakshmi and Saraswathi seen here are also the latest additions to this year. With them is a Pillayar temple

Also on the fourth padi , are the Iru Kodugal couple, Gemini Ganesan and Sowcar Janaki. He he.. Now I've to add another lady (Jayanthi) and we'll have a 'Punnagai Mannan poovizhi kannan' scene in our Golu.

Fifth padi

Nayanmars here on the left side of the padi, Nayanmars there on the right side, a Marappachi couple and the Kalasam.

Sixth padi

The Kamalagassan padi. Two Dasavatharams - one Mann Bommai set & the other from Kondappalli

Seventh padi

Pillayar, Murugan, two Lakshmi idols - one tall that I had bought from Pondicherry, Saraswathi, Ramar
set, Krishnar and Dance papa (left extreme). This again is an old bommai bought from Pondicherry.

Iyal, Isai, Nadagam

A separate Golu unit for music and dance with three padis.

KARAGATTAKKARAN - starring Ramarajan, Kanaga, Goundamani and Senthil.


VILLUPPATTUKARAN (wasn't there a movie like that with "Rare Raja" songs?) - once again Ramarajan , in Yellow shirt.


The Pillayars along with the Rabbit, Lion, Bear, Tiger and Elephant are having a good time

And there's more...

The Strikers

Kenyan Tea Party - the big five enjoying a tea / kudi party

CHANDRALEKHA  & the famous drum dance

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