Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saappaturaami 10

Cold Badam milk - ssluurrrp! I prefer cold Badam milk to the hot one. The suda suda milk kills the taste of Badam.

The badam milk powders in the market - including the MTR one do not dissolve very well in hot milk and Saappaturaami does not have too much patience to keep hot milk + badam powder under the fan, then keep it inside the fridge for hours etc.

The MTR Badam milk in the can is a a God send. This ready to eat drink is free from artificial flavours (or so it says) .
Don't even bother turning the can and looking the Nutrition facts. You buy 1 Calorie for 10 paisa. A total of Calories - 250/- at a price of Rs.25/- . Do I care?

Lime green colour attractive pack. Britannia's 5 Grain Nutrichoice biscuit tastes yum. It has a distinct honey flavour to the biscuit with Ragi, Wheat, Rice, Corn and Oats as its key ingredients. This packet (pic) is priced Rs.18 (six biscuits) and the bigger one is available for Rs.40/-

A good four pm office snack, the small packet is sufficient for two days - i.e when you don't have people perpetually borrowing food from you (and not giving), around. 
PS: Kollywood Kostan #10 - Parutthi Veeran it is. Time to buy yourself a lottery ticket, Boo. Congratulations! Vaazhtukkal to Paadhi Paadhi

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5 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Milk can super super...

How come I see Ragi, oats etc. in your diet??

Badam Milk...SLURP...

Artnavy said...

I like aarey badam milk

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Love your reviews. Going to buy the Britannia bisquies today:)

B o o said...

slurp! The cold badham milk at Drive in woodlands was to die for! Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post info on the header ? It is ultra cute.