Friday, November 07, 2008

Tele-vetti 5

Congratulations Tele-vetti 4 winner of THE AMMIES© - Manikandan!

Manikandan !! - 14/15

Inbavalli - 12/15

DC - 12/15

Kaushik - 12/15

Art Navy - 11/15

N Ram - 9.5/15

Swap - 9/15

Kaps - 9/15

Sud Gopal - 9/15

Ambi - 9/15

Maxdavinci - 4/15

Umm Oviya - 4/15

D.Rat... - 4/15

The answers of Tele-vetti 4 are:

1. Poovilangu Mohan - He is poor man's Kavithalaya Krishnan. Hangs around at Kavithalayaa office 24*7 and is part of almost all KB productions. Dubbed for Abhishek's father's character in the tamizh version of Maniratnam's Guru.

2. Mohan Ram - Philatelist, actor and... blogger! That's 'bonda' vaai Mohan Ram for you.

3. Aishwarya - Otta vaai Aishwarya - konjam over actings! Participated in Vijay TV's Jodi No.1 and acts in chamatthu sister characters.

4. Mohan Sharma - Actress Lakshmi's ex husband - has one number 'velakkennai' face .

5. Sathyapriya - The Kannamba of Chinnathirai.. this golt used to come swimming at the SIET College pool a few years ago and teach fellow peoples how to swim - "breathing cheesi, ikkada water-loo swimming chesi ..." and all that gyaan. The best part was akka would stay put in the water at one place and not swim for that entire hour. Oorukku ubadesi

6. Mamathi - Was a regular Vijaytv presenter. Shifted to Big FM as a morning jock.Wonder how she was chosen as the breakfast RJ with that perpetual-kattai-thondai of hers. Now, back on TV as a game show presenter on Sun. Her dress sense on this show is atrocious! I remember her with a Persis Khambatta mottai talai look, almost eight years ago hanging around at Besant Nagar beach.

7. Gopinath - A very good presenter. Vijay TV's Neeya naana owes its success to him.

8. 'Fat'ima Babu - She WAS one of the very pretty faces on Tamil news.God knows what happened oflate (er... for the last couple of years)- terrible outfits, terrible makeup.Time to retire,lady!

9. Shanti Williams - Most famous for her villi role in Metti Oli .

10. Devipriya - Does a whole lot of villi roles. Dubs for serials and ads

11. Kalaimamani 'Pasi' Sathya - Most suited for vellakkari roles. She played an over-enthu
secretary in Magalir Mattum.

12. Renuka - ugggh! that stupid face and that stupid mouth saying "ungallukum english-la pesanumnu aasaiyaa?" in an old tv commercial. aayyyo! KB gumbal - over acting- need I say more?


13. Amba Virani a.k.a Baa - of Kyunki sauce bhi kabhi ketchup thi. The serial started sometime in year 2000 and Baa was 60+ then... Over the last eight years Kyunki... has seen generations and generations but Baa is still alive - rather was alive until two days ago. YabBAAA!

14. Karan Thapar - His coconut shell face and sheepish grin bug me.

15. Cyrus 'Bore'cha - Unakkellam retirement illayada? QUIT NOW!
TELE-VETTI 5 - A total of 12 points to be won
  • Identify the Nine Chinnathirai faces on this grid - 9 points
  • Two more faces from the Hindi small screen - 2 points
  • An audio clue - Name the tamizh serial from its title song - 1 point
  • One attempt per person / Only one guess allowed
  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com
  • Last day for sending your entries : Monday morning IST.
TAMIL GRID - 9 points

Hindi mein bolo - 'ek gaaon mein....' - 2 points

Audio clue - Identify the tamizh serial from its title song - 1 point 

- This is the link for the audio just incase you are not able to listen to it on the widget

Kannan.mp3 -

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Unknown said...

I love your answers to the koostions ..... hehehe Topuu Tucker.... :)

Inba's Corner said...

Not able to listen to the audio clue -- it says it has been deleted :((

Anonymous said...

y my face not there i say?!!! LOL!! :D - u know who....sun tv fame.....heeee heeee