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Tele-vetti 4

India blog-kattchigal naangavadu muraiyaaga valaiyulaigil nuzhaindu oree vaaram aana... Tele-vetti

Winners of THE AMMIES© for Tele-vetti 3 are Manikandan and Pooja Narayanan.

 And am very very very happy that Pooja is the co-winner. You know why? Pooja is my dear friend from school. Unfortunately we lost touch after school and the last time we had met was some 16 years ago. Pooja visited this blog accidentally and discovered it was me...And I was/am simply amazed how she managed to trace me via my blog. I asked her how she was so sure that i was me... after 16 years and here I quote from her email:

......Really dunno - no particular reason why It dawned on me that it was indeed yr blog .....may be this connection -maybe the words - not very sure why.. but nevertheless was convinced that it is indeed you .... call it the nth sense .... and lo ! am I right and lovely to be in touch !!

Hey Pooja, great to be back in touch! Congratulations Pooja and Manikandan! Special mention to Umm Oviya who doesn't watch TV but still managed to get atleast two right (She says she watches wonly englisss, no tameel)

Manikandan - 10/10

Pooja Narayanan - 10/10

Artnavy - 9/10

Inbavalli - 8/10

Kaushik - 6/10 (Are you a blogger? if yes, URL please)

Ram N - 7/10

Karthik Sriram - 5/10

Ila - 5/10 (what's your URL?)

Swapna Sivanathan - 5/10

Ammani - 4/10

- 4/10

Maxdavinci - 2/10

Umm Oviya - 2/10

The answers for Tele-vetti 3 are :

1. Uma Padmanabhan - My mummy-gaaru calls her Small screen Ambiga. Remember Ambika (of Ambika Radha sisters ) and her fringe? Uma Padmanabhan tried one number fringe hairstyle in one of her game shows. Uma thinks she is still a teenager- Tries to act, dress that way and she is one of the most irritating comperes on major jing-chak pal with Vijay Adhiraj, James Vasanthan, Subhashri Thanikachalam and other vettis. Acted as Rajni's maamiyar (ROFL!) in Sivaji: The boss

2. Sanjeev : Actress Sindhu's brother,Ilayathalapathi Vijay's friend (some say that he was Vijay's driver!) . Sanjeev co-hosts Maanada Mayilada on Kalaignar TV.

3. Rose - of Ippadikku Rose on Vijay TV. 

4. Peeli Sivam - the second Mummoorthi of DD Tuesday dramas. He made a 3.5 second appearance in K Balachander's Aval Oru thodargathai as one of the two men from the census department. Wow, what a performance that was Peeli Sivam saar!

5. Preethi Srinivasan - Jodi No.1 season 2's winner with 'Master' Tinku.

6. Babloo a.k.a Prithviraj - Who doesn't know him? Who can forget his super duper dance and emoshaans in Jodi No.1 on Vijay TV that made the greatest of all actors, Simbu (Chinna karadi) cry? Remembered for his memorable role as an Aravani in Arasi. Once a popular villian in golt films.

7. Anu Hassan - A good host ONLY with her guests on Koffee with Anu. Comes across a rude, sarcastic compere on Jaya TV's 20-20 game show. Producer Chandrahassan's daughter, Charuhaasan-Kamalagaasan's niece - Sugasini's cousin,made her debut in Indra and does some anni-akka roles these days.

8. Brinda das - Ex-police officer Mohandas' daughter. Acts in Anandham where Mohanram addresses her as Sammandhi (Kali mutthi pochu!)

9. LIC Narasimhan - What comes to your mind when someone says 'LIC'? ... Insurance-a? - sorry ! then are you are not fit to attempt this quiz. "Narasimhan" is what a die-hard Chinnathirai fan would say. He is the third mummorthi of DD Tuesday drama. Acted with thalaivar in Aarilirundu arubadu varai and these days does some thundu beedi modelling for Idhayam mantra.

Indi Imsai

10. Mona Singh : Made her debut in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. Won the dance reality show 'Jhalak Dikhla Ja'. I personally like her 'coz she is one of the few actors who does not look lke an 'olli picchan' and has shot to fame despite not having a toned (read: Thodappakucchi) body.

Here's the grid Tele-vetti 4. A total of 15 points to be won.

Last week, a team lead by Rajdeep 'Sardard'esai and 'Bark'a Dutt met me because they were offended that the Bombay Chinnathirai Kalaignargal  were not well represented in the tele-vetti quizzes. So keeping in mind their pheelings, 3 pikchaars from the North of the Vindhyas are posted on a separate grid.

So 12 points for Tamil and 3 points for Maida maavus. Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com

Tamil grid (1-12). Identify 'namma' Chinnathirai faces.

Maida maavu - Kostan number # 13

According to the serial, she was 250 years old when she died in the lonngggeeest running Hindi soap. What's the name of her on-screen character ?

Maida maavu - Kostan number # 14

This man talks and talks and talks and never lets his guests talk. Be it Kuppan -vs- Subban fight or Barack -vs- the other dude fight... he has a talk show for everything. Who it is?

Maida maavu - Kostan number # 15

Oh god, another pain - he is no longer the funny man on Indian TV.. he is the fuddy (duddy )daddy now! Name him.

15 points to be won - one point per correct answer
One attempt per person / Only one guess allowed
Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com
Last date for sending your entries : Friday 7th November 8 pm IST

All the best!

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Artnavy said...

amazing performance by your truly and her colleague

now i am off to get help on quiz 4

u are better than siddarth basu

umm oviya said...

adi paavi, when did i say that? i only said i don't watch tamil serials, because i live here and don't get a chance.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

//Ila - 5/10 (what's your URL?//

King said...

u r a tv enoooooo cycleo pediaa....

Anonymous said...

all vetti people, unlike moi