Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tele-vetti 10

Tele-vetti 9  THE AMMIES©  winner :  Manikandan - 8/9. Congratulations!


Art Navy - 6/9

Ambi - 5/9

The answers for Tele-vetti 9 :

1. Revathy Shankaran - The most annoying mami of Indian Tollaikaatchi. She used to host the ladies show on Suntv which moved to Kalaignar. Her tips are fully nonsensical - Kadalaimaavuu to sambar paruppu and apply on your face kinda stuff. Madam used to edit Mangayar Malar - a popular tamizh monthly and every second page of the magazine had her photo. She is the editor of a new magazine called 'Malligai malar' which has her pic on every second page.

2. K S Jayalakshmi - A KB loyalist - acts a villy in most serials

3. Balaji - ex-Mirchi RJ. Poor Big FM guys - probably not aware that he has moved to Hello FM.  Big's website still has his picture and page.

4. Sureshwar - Was a child artiste who acted in hit films with leading actors and is now a me-too actor on Chinnathirai

5. V S Raghavan - Mimickry artistes' delight. Has been in the industry for decades.

6. M R K - Andrum indrum endrum M R K

7. Prem Sai - Used to act in a number of serials earlier, don't know where he hsa disappeared

8. Deepa Venkat - Mega serial queen. Kisu Kisu-thufyed with a leading producer

9. Master Shridhar - Played Lord Murugan in Tiruvilayadal - went on to act in umpteen DD dramas and has disappeared.

  • Identify all the Gems of Gemini
  • One attempt per person / Only one guess allowed.
  • One point per correct answers - 9 points to be won.
  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com.
  • Please do not post your answers in the comments section.
  • Last date for sending your entries -Friday, 28th November 08.
  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com.
  • Please do not post your answers in the comments section.

6 Responses:

abhi said...

Yet yagain! Yanother gem of a kwiz!

Anonymous said...

Just a note, Prem Sai didnt disappear. Saw him in Simran thirai (Saw those episodes just for him:) and more recently in the awful (after viewing the first couple of episodes) Thangamana Purusan (even he cannot make me watch it anymore)

Anonymous said...

Mangayar Malar along with Snegithi are the most annoying magazines ever, me thinks. Never heard of malligai malar until today, inime adhaiyum regular-aa padichu BP a ethikka vendiyadhu dhaan


Happy to see that reassurance on your header.
What a day.

Krishnan said...

Prem Sai If I am right acted the hero role in an eminently forgettable movie Dhanam,

The Visitor said...

Why can't you make the visuals a little larger, so that oldies like me can also see.
I can hardly make out anything.