Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tele-vetti 7

Tele-vetti 6 's Aascar award winners

Ram N, Gils, Swap ,Gayatri and Indhu ! - 12 / 12. Congratulations!

Guru, Gayathri , Manikandan, Art Navy and Teesu- 11/12

Ambi , Faitoo and Radha - 10/12

 Karthik Sriram, Sun tv Sangee, Dhivya , Archana, Ree - 9/12

Anantha and Sud gopal - 8/12

Inbavalli - 7/12

The answers for Tele-vetti 6

1. Unna nenachen - Aboorva Sahodarargal

2. Vandanam - Vazhve maayam

3. Poongatru tirumbuma - Mudhal mariyadhai

4. Adi aathadi - Kadalora kavidaigal

5. Kadhal oviyam - Alaigal oivadillai

6. Enna satham - Punnagai mannan

7. Shenbagame - Enga ooru paatukkaran

8. Kannukkul 100 nilava -Vedam pudidu

9. Oora terinjikitten - Padikkadhavan

10. Poongadave - Nizhalgal

11. Poo malaye - Pagal nilavu

12. Valai osai - Sathya

And am happy that teesu manage to identify both # 10 and # 11. Poongadave and Poo Maalaye were permanent entries on our college band's playlist and won us prizes several times at Inter collegiate culturals. Teesu was the maha guru of our band :)

Tele-vetti 7 - AUDIO AND VIDEO

  • VIDEO : This grid has images from very popular Tamizh songs .

  • Identify the song OR the film.

  • AUDIO: Scroll down and listen to the audio collage with three different songs.

  • Identify the songs OR the films.

  • One attempt per person / Only one guess allowed.

  • One point per correct answers - 12 points to be won.

  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com.
  • Please do not post your answers in the comments section.

  • Last date for sending your entries - Thursday IST (20th November 08)


#12 - For my chinnu

AUDIO - Identify the three songs 

Try this link if the embedded player does not work.

Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com.
Please do not post your answers in the comments section.

All the best!

Kollywood kostan # 5- Karnan - Muthuraman played Arjunan . Congratulations Vidhya!
Over to Kollywood Kostan  # 6 

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Anonymous said...

hai even i know the answers for some of these, will be back soon

Anonymous said...

mike testing mike testing 1, 2, 3...

Anonymous said...

comment has appeared!

Thanks a ton for digging out all those 1980s movies. Pora rate paathaa I might require tutions to clear your quizzes :(

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I had also sent you the answers! Don't see my name.

Ratzzz said...

sent u the answers...

ambi said...

Just now i mailed the ans.
Hope U got it. :)

Anonymous said...

The audio clip is not opening...


umm oviya said...

**whining loudly**
not fair, quiz getting tougher. you should have different levels so that beginners don't get disheartened.
and how do you do the pic grid?

arjumand said...

hey Bhawani reading your review was much better than watching the movie...