Friday, December 19, 2008


"Topa Topa ..." my dad used to scream whenever there was a kezha vayasu Gemini or kezha Shivaji song on Oliyum Oliyum, when it was the whole and sole entertainment for most of us.

Our (sis, bro and I) aversion towards wig-wearers started then. Any actor with a wig or a topa as we call it (toupee`) automatically came under the trash or rejected list. This was not the wig that they used wear to give them an old get-up or for any character in particular. This was what we call the 'topa' that they used to wear to make them look younger, fuller...atleast that's what they thought.

Here's my top 10 of Wig-gypedia.

#10 . At #10 we have this fellow whose name I am not aware of. This is the first time I am seeing a model for an ad, wear a wig. Ads with loving, doting, ever-smiling, every-ironed shirt wearing dads have models who kind of look natural...atleast supposed to. I hate this ad not just for its script but also for the model with an ugly wig. Just, look at this idiot who stares at us not just on TV but all across Mumbai from the hoardings.

#9 . Why do television anchors need to wear a wig? This guy, Balaji is a good RJ, wannabe anchor on TV and in my opinion, doesn't need a wig 'coz his hairline is decent. Does he wear this horrible thing on his head when he is on TV only 'coz he is also a wannabe actor in Kollywood and wants to impress Kollywood directors with his youth look?

#8. Actor-voice artiste Arif Zakaria. I had worked with him in an Indian English (!) film where he played an old guy in most parts of the film. He'd come to the sets wearing his 'normal' wig, go to the make-up room, change to the old wig, for the character. Quite a lot of effort, I thought especially when we used to shoot till 2 am and had to report next morning (I mean the same morning )at 8 .. this went on for almost 20 days! More than the fact that he wore the wig, he's on this list 'coz his wig was the ugliest thing that I had ever seen on on someone's head.

#7 . Ilayathilagam Prabhu Sir & Bhaakyaraaj Sir. Honestly, Prabhu WAS quite ok as an actor, especially in films where he played the second lead. Chinnathambi-Periyathambi, Guru Sishyan to name a few. Adu ennamo terila enna maayamo terila these guys get jittery when they see new kids in Kollywood making it big and in a desperate attempt to be on top , start wearing this hideous thing on their heads... and their downfall begins then.
Another example. Bhaakyaraj. uuuveee! This guy was bankrupt and had this sogam cover story on Kumudam a few years ago.... No money but still had the money to buy a wig.

Add Sathyaraj to this list. They wear such similar wigs that I wonder if they share the same wig. Double uveeee!

#6. Once upon a time he was the Kanavu-kannan of most young girlees in Tamizhland including yours truly. Karthik is now on my kandravee-kannan list all thanks to his topa.

#5. Actors, yes. They are supposed to look good and yaaaooung on screen. Ivanukku enna poachu? Once upon a time director and trrrrryyying to become a yaaoung heart throb with a youth look - R V Udhayakumar. Ugly face. Ugly wig.

#4. Barely three years old in this industry, pal has already started wearing a wig. Saw a few scenes from Dhaam Dhoom on tv with Jeyam Ravi and that stupid wig. Jeyam, your azhivu kaalam is nearing.

#3. Mike Mogaaaan. Yagain, once more to the never ending list of trying-to-make-a-comeback list. Deeei!! Deeei !! Why the why? Go back to Suntv serials and act as Five girls' father or Kollywood will instantly take you as Nayanthara's Annan or become Sandalwood's (Kannada film industry) next Appa-in-demand roles. Why the why do you torture us your ghastly topa?

# 2. The last two numbers are going to be a sort of let down for us, Kollywood fans. I am not including Kamalagaasan and Thalaivar for their wigs. I cannot do that drogam to Kollywood.
Sachin Pilgaonkar - The Bhishma Pitamah of Marathi films, Marathi ads, Marathi television shows, anything and everything that's Marathi. Once upon a time kisu-kisu-thufyed with Sarika of Kamalagaasanji fame, this guy is at # 2. A few years ago, he took part in the world famous in India dance contest on television called Nach Baliye which went on and on for almost four months. Not only did he survive and win the competition in the end but also managed to do the sesky dance movements with the wig intact. I used to watch the show only to see how he successfully managed to dance with the wig. Wah Sachinbhai! Kai zaala ta konaala baagichla (Who cares what it means! Marathi sounds like this wonly!)

# 1. It was a hugely blow to my topa-identifying skills when a dear friend told me that Amitabh Bachchan wears a wig. I didn't believe her. This particular friend works as an Executive producer in Bollywood films and had worked with Big B in a popular Hindi film. She once sneaked into Big B's make-up room to inform him that his shot was ready and ... and saw his almost there sotta tala.

Soon to feature in 2009 top # 10 Wig-gypedia - Madhavan, Shaam, Abbas... Welcome guys! Welcome to Wig-gy pedia ! Wig-a poduyya!

25 Responses:

kaushik said...

#1 shocked me though...AB is a sottai thalai???????????

y did u leave rajini in his sivaji and enthiren get up..I expected him in top 3 when i read u r proposal in the beginning of the post

Unknown said...

We call these people Wig-nesh

ambi said...

//Deeei!! Deeei !! Why the why?//


oru unmaiyana pigil adikkum rajini rasigainnu U prooved once again :)))

umm oviya said...

i hated that first ad... how could hdfc even pass it? so damn insensitive. who will ask a child that?
how come no women in your wig list?
zinta in lakshya?

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

"I am not including Kamalagaasan and Thalaivar for their wigs. I cannot do that drogam to Kollywood".ROFL. Rajini endears in this dept. cos he once happily told all about his relationship with his hair, how it was lost, etc.(think on Chandramukhi's 100th day)AB is a shock but he wears it better than most, eh? Prabhu and Karthik, GRR. karthik was also my KK.;) Now he is not OK!

Slogan Murugan said...

Just like there was no spoof of Amitabh in Om Shaanti Om, no superstars in this list.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Jeyam Ravi with topa? I hadn't noticed that! Same pinch for Karthik. I don't think I can even tolerate him as an anna/appa/chittappa/thotta kaaran now :(

Lavanya said...

Prabhus wig, seriously, Enna kodumai saravanan sir idhu?!

Anonymous said...

what is wrong in wearing a topa... It is like oldies using dye..... And ladies colouring their hair....... Even normal people to all these....

Survival of the actors are only because of their good appearance.So, some like to make pleasant appearance in front of the public.I dont think there is anything wrong about this.

Anonymous said...

Good laff! Anna, entha azhagu sottai manmathans (???!!!!) ah, ipadi damage pannitay!!!

Pssst...After thot....Lets not say too much cos we dunno our plight in the years to come!!!

-S from Chennai

Unknown said...

it was riotous laughter for me right throughout , appa

GB said...

You remember that poemah?? CBSE 5th standard syllabus. Used to be a great favourite of mine in school!

GB said...

Don't know why blogger is not letting me post the phull link, anyway, the poem is called The Bald Cavalier. Google off.

Anonymous said...

Whaat Abt Thalai Vasaal Visai.
Why does he talk in Englibish in all his interviews ?..

p.s I want you to start the next blog on 2 requests Bolly-Kolly Awards

1. Who is the self proclaimed
a) Naserrudin Shah of Kolly - Thalai Vasaal Visay
b) Ompuri
c) Anupam Kher
d) Shabhana Azmi

Also your write up on the ever popular in all channels - Usha Uthup

shree said...

wigna ippadiya??

The Visitor said...

uuuveee post. x-(

Lavs said...

I think Jeyam Ravi wears it coz he had cut his hair for some movie(that jungle film)...suriya's interview had come in The Hindu some time back(one day in the life of Saravanan aka suriya)...he was wearing wig in those shots...
Madhvan's wig in Rang de was ugly too!

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Jay said...

ROFL. fantastic post

Unknown said...

comeon guys.. give them a break !all these actors are good in their own way,they have entertained us so much with their respective films.they probably must have lost hair,so they r using culd be better though !?AB gets hs wig done abroad,we hear, is costly..the others culd hv it done like tht to ,..probably the wig makers n kollywood r not as skilled,.cost culd be a concern too,.most of us culd grow bald !??its our right to hav our opinion,.but these guys deserve better...

Unknown said...

there is no need for u to comment on such great personalities like gemini and sivaji ganesan as "kezha".when both of them died they had mor hair than vijay and suriya waas just a trend they adapted and got qudos, speacially sivaji who none of us being a tamil shud forget....todays trend is hair worn shud not luk like a wig.i think that we r all used too.

Shankar said...

AB was wearing a wig from his early movies, as he was thinning. But he great.

khalid mohamed said...

Howlarious...please write more...way to be!

khalid mohamed said...

Howlarious...please write more...way to go!

Unknown said...

Absolutely great post on wigs .. I would love to read more from you.