Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cho...chweet 2

Surprise gifts, surprise parties, surprise treats - Who doesn't like surprises?

Kheer Kadam is a surprise sweet. This is how it looks.

Looks like Rava laddu, doesn't it?

You just chew into the laddu and surprise! you land up at the 'Tirattuppaal'-ish centre whose taste is yummier than the outer layer.

Here are some better pictures of the sweet.

Kheer kadam at Sweet Bengal - Rs. 12/= per piece.

Taxi charges to Sweet Bengal and back - Rs. 60/=

Watching a loved one's reaction as they bite into a Kheer Kadam - priceless.

Cho...chweet 1 is here

5 Responses:

Anonymous said...

ppppppppoooooooodddddddiiiiii. don't do this. middle of the night, and i can only think of this sweet.

WA said...

Idhellam yaaraachum kettomaa enna? No more foodie post pls

Sasha said...

OMG!!! Slurp...sounds sooooo delicious. Plz to parcel it for me on ur next trip 2 Chennai!!

Kaarthik said...

"Kheer kadam" is my most favourite sweet. I was introduced to it by my frind Amit in Kolkata. The original Kheer kadams ('Kheer kodom'in Bengali) have worms like milk sweets on them. I didnt like its appearance first. But on tasting it, I thanked Amit a lottt. B4 that my top fav sweets were Roshogolla and Roshomoloi. The wonderful thing is it's outer covering is like a milk sweet and inner portion is juicy like Roshogolla.

P.S. Kheer kamdams cost Rs.4 per pc in Kolkata

Anonymous said...

idhu romba aniyaayum - nadu raathiri-le naan enge poi kheer kadam kandu piddipaen? ayyyyoooooo