Monday, October 05, 2009


Bigg Boss - the desi version of Big brother has an ardent fan in me. Watched almost all episodes of the first season. Was one of the 'privileged' few to get access to episode details on Bigg boss 2 even before they were telecast - the fights, the eliminations, controversies were known before hand and hence not much enthu-ness to watch season 2.

Bigg boss Season 3 ie Triteeeya has begun with THE Big B himself hosting the show. No surprise here 'coz Jaya aunty / didi / taai/ paatti has obviously told him "Uppu, puli, paruppu velai ellam jaasti aayuduthu, Payyanukku velai illai, maatupponnu market sarinju poyiduthu, enakko Amar Singh-Singapore-nnu talaikku mela velai... aathula ukkandu enna pandrel? sambadikkara vazhiya-p-paarungo" . So thaatha is all set to bring back his so-called magic har shukruwaar speaking to contestants .

Khatron ke Khiladi became Anu alavum Bayam illai, KBC was Kodeeeeswaran on Suntv, Family fortunes is going strong as 'Jackitt'pot.. er... Jackpot - so why not Bigg boss in Tamizh? If Amitabh-ji can speak Ellahabad Hindi which he only understands, Kamal-sir can speak tamizh which nobody will understand - not even himself. And c'mon namma kitta illadha vetti contestants-a? Our peoples will give Hindi makkal likePoonam Dhillon, Raju Shrivastav, Raja Chowdhry etc a run for their money.

Here's my wish list for Annnacchi - the tamizh version of Endemol's Big brother /Bigg boss.

1. Raaghav

He is an all-in-all Anantharaman- music director, actor, television host but what does he do sitting at home everyday? This perutta sandegam has been in my mind for a long time. I have been seeing his 'Nanjupuram' promos on tv for six odd months now. This film has Raghav acting- doing music and all that. But no sign of its release whatsoever. He is not your regular serial actor also. So what on earth does he do sitting at home everyday when wife Preetha is off to make some money in the software industry? He can enter the Annnacchi house and make some money no?
2. Anandh Babu :

This is the latest picture of the great AB of Kollywood from a soon-to-be released film. Poor guy! Sambaadicchittu poatta Appa is no more and his (AB's) wig itself is getting old... so you can imagine his plight. With Annnacchi he can tell the world, especially Chinnathirai that he is still alive so that the Thirumurugans, Tiruchelvans and Tiruniraichelvans can think about casting him in Periyannan- Naattamai kinda roles in serials.

3. Ambiga

Endaanu? Chechi-oda fringe hairstyle enda mummy-kku valara ishtamaanu. I am personally wanting her on the show so that she can talk about Kollywood in the 80s, ARS* street/ garden / studio- that is *Ambiga, Radha, Sarala / Sarada (her mummy) and ofcourse the much-talked about kisu-kisu with 'Madurai-hurricane'.

4. Gangei Amaran

Gangei will be good fun to have in the Annnacchi house. Sons are busy in films and pals debts have been cleared now. So instead of sitting at home and giving "Illayaarajaa- Bharadiraaja naangellaam" kinda interviews , hosting 'Esappattukku kuttuppaattu' programs on SUNTV Deebavali special, he can do the same inside Annnacchi house and make some money.

5. Shanmugasundaram

We need veterans like Shanmugasundaram Sir in the Annnacchi house. Don't we want to listen to "Anda kaalathula Sivaji-saar kooda nadikkum bodu....." again and again? I want to. I shall make all efforts to get Shanmugasundaram Saar to be a part of the Annnacchi house if and when we have a tamizh version. "Ennnangaa.. ennaanga thambi neenga..."
6. Revathi Sankaran

Hallo!Escoos me! Who will cook in the Annnacchi house? Madam will not just cook but sing "Milaga varuthu podi senja , moola vyadi gunamaagum" in full folkish carnatic style. Doctor-singer-cooker in the Annnacchi house.

6. Thyagu/ Paandu

To me both belong to the same category. Actors who acted in about a dozen films in the last decade and for 'pazhagina dosham' Superstars and super directors are giving them tundu-beedi roles these days. These so-called veterans do nothing but adichify 'beer-chicken' in the evening. It will be good fun to see how such vettis pass their time in the vetti-erAnnnacchi house. I don't have peraasai. I don't want both. Either of them is good.

7. S N Surendhar

What lies beneath the cap? I am interested in knowing. The dupping voice for Mike Mogan and several other actors in the 80s and 90s. A regular at Illayaraja- Gangei Amaran's light music troupe, he was last scene in Sa-ro-ja in the wedding scene as a guest. I want to see him in the Annacchi house and also listen to his 'Kuzhandai yean azhardhu teryuma' dialogue from Mouna ragam which he has been saying for two decades now in every medai kutchery.

8. 'Disco' Shanti

Former item number, kanavu-k-kanni - what she must be doing right now apart from putting one number 'kudumba-ponnu-hence-wearing-taali-outside' act? Ambiga akka will give her good company. Disco-ji, Annnacchi house-kku vaanga ji.

9. Laxman Sivaramakrishnan

I am of the firm belief that we should have people from not just Kollywood in the Annnacchi house . Apart from appearing in television channels once a year from some or the other cricket match commentary, he must be doing nothing. Annnacchi house warmly welcomes L Siva.
Actually, we can categorize him as a Kollywood actor. Remember his one-scene act in Raja kaiyya veccha with Prabhu Sir?

10. Malini Yugendran This Singaari from Singapore is a reality show star having participated and hosted various dance and music shows. And yes, her husband 'Yugi' comes free as a participant with her. Haiyya!

11. Pepsi Uma

Thank you Creativetty for your suggestion.

God knows where Pepsi Uma has disappeared after her short stint with Kalaignar TV. Pepsi Uma can give a wake-up call to everyone in the morning with her "Naa nalama irukken.. neenga nalama irukeengala?" and say "acchaaho eliminate aayiteelaaa?" every Friday after the elimination.

12. Singer Anuradha Sriram
When was the last time you heard her in a movie song ? No, am not talking about the umpteen music shows which she hosts/ judges where tadukki uzhunda she starts to sing. Apart from giving her vetti-ness a break (!) at The Annnacchi house, the purpose of inviting her to participate is also to check if her atrocious dressing sense will continue in this reality show as well.

No Kalaignani, Ulaganayagan, Superstar, Supreme star as Annnacchi host. Why worry when we have the great Ilayathilagam Prabhu Sir with us? I mean, who else but Prabhu Sir can add that vetti-ness to our 'Annnacchi' show? Nothing doing. It is Prabhu... Prabhu... Prabhu all the way as Annnacchi's host.

23 Responses:

Agn! Sharman said...

When will the creative minds in South get some decent jobs in TV industry so they can stop copying copyrighted ideas...

Shankar.Nash said...

You cud very well add 'George'... who appears frequently in 'Maanada Mayilaada' (kalaignar tv) , jodi no 1 & boys vs girls (vijay tv).. and any other tv show that u can name..

if he can be present in all the shows.. why not this one.. infact, these kinda shows are tailor-made for these kinda crazy and crass guys... plz plz plz add him to ur list..

KD. K Bodhi said...

You do know Anand Babu is Nagesh's son, right? Poor guy. He had some major alcohol issues.

கா.கி said...

jaya bachan tamil dialogue super...

innum 4?????
wat about 2 umas pepsi uma or uma riyas, sornamalya, sv sekar (as he s vetty nw), ravikrishna of 7g

wat u say?!?!?!?!?!

குப்பன்.யாஹூ said...

nice creative idea, thanks for sharing

aruna´s world said...

Hi Bhavani good one.... will definitely be better lock kiya jaye.??...

aruna anand said...

good one . ... surely this will be better. lock kiya jaye , what say??

Anonymous said...

Mic Mogan?

buddy said...

awesome cast and crew. my suggestions:
kumarimuthu (the weird laugh guy)
simbu (for obvious reasons, actually TR might be more fun!!)

maxdavinci said...

yes karadi-kong TR

but if not then one of or y.g.mahendran...

those two are para vetti and killin ppl with their stage shows!

SoulSpace said...

creativity unleashed..Bubs..thirumbiyum kalakkare po...

Ganesh Jeyaraman said...

hey, better have a copyright, u never know, which vetti director is reading this, the team for Annaachi might already be ready to get on air, you see!

Anyway, very hilarious!

The Print Lover said...

Hahaha.. Superb!
Anand Babu - lol! I first thot he was leaning on a suvaru.. and then realized he is striking a pose!

Oh is Pepsi Ungal choice no more on TV?!

Anonymous said...

Gowthami - she will come with her brood of 'my kids'& 'his kids' and liven up the place.

Ramya Krishnan - so that she'll hopefully abandon that sick serial (Thangam).

Goundamani - kaanaamal ponavargal pattriya arivippil...

Aswinkumar said...

ur choice for Annnacchii rocks...but Y prabhu???

Sathya said...

my goodness, ur brain cells really rock...too gud, wat a mock to d mockai reality shows

aandthirtyeights said...

P. James?

Mambalam Mani said...

Brilliant! Marana nakkal. I especially love the choice of Prabu as host. If the participants get too unruly, we will be blessed with his forehead smashing "enna koduma...."

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

You are too good. Enjoyed the read.Esp. Ambika's fringe and some other mentions of real vettis that seriously hit so many nails on their heads!

maami said...

Fantastic suggestions.

enRenRum-anbudan.BALA said...

This is Maha kalakkals' post. you do have a funny bone :)

Anonymous said...

Hi .. I accidently stumbled on ur blog and I am laughing my heart out @ all ur entries!!!! Keep on de good nakkal ..I have become ur avid reader.. BTW one thing, Pandu is not that vetti, He owns successful business called "Essentially Metal " in alwarpet and his wifey is big time cartoonist.. Incidentally he is the guy who designed the umbrella for Tamilnadu tourism..

Mrs V

Shobana said...

hahaha...see I haven't even watched Big Boss (pliss to forgive the ignorance) and I am liking it...I think you need more women who can that Vijay TV Ishwarya and her brood of silly friends!