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Singam II (not Singham II you Amits)

These days it is getting increasingly difficult to sit for 2 + hours in a movie hall. The '+' in this can be anything between 1/2 hour to 2 hours. A 9.30 am movie at PVR starts only at 10.10 am after we've mourned Mukesh's death a million times for ghutka-paan-sori-padai etc, saluted Indians in 'Being Dabanng' shirt to tracks to coat-suit standing for the National Anthem, watched the 'Mumps vanda Hippopotamus' Sanjay Dutt in Policegiri trailer a dozen times before the movie starts, during the interval etc. By the time you are out of the theatre after watching an average Tamizh / Indhi padam, it's almost 12.30 pm. 

So making one sit glued to his/her seat during the entire 160 minutes of the film is indeed a difficult task. In the last couple of years, I wanted to walk out of so so so many films like Ek Tha Tiger, 7-am arivu, Nondasamy, Goa, Damnchakkar, almost-every-other-Steel-Iron-Super-PittaLai-man Hollywood film and so on. Movies to me is all about entertainment. The hero-heroine-villain-comedian can dance, sing, cry, act do whatever but ultimately they should entertain me in some way or the other. 

That way Singam-2 is entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. In many serious scenes, when Dorai Singam (Suriya) is busy giving dialaak about Indian Police or the importance of National flag or about Indian Police or about ... er.. Indian Police I found myself laughing aloud thinking about the great director Hari Saar has put in his heart, soul and Mercedes and Scorpios conceiving this with all sincerity. This review or note or (in bloggers' jargon) thoughts/ ramblings on Singam II is my salute to the one and only director Hari Saar. Give him the Bharat ratna now!

If you are one of those torrent vaasis who watches movies on eeteeb and hard disk types, kindly skip reading this. You'll never be able to understand and appreciate the vision of Hari Saar watching this epic on Sinnathirai

Story ley!

The movie starts with a gist of what happened in Singam 1 as a preview to all unfortunate souls who missed it. Dorai Singam (Suriya) is on a mission to nab the baddies as an undercover cop. He is now an NCC teacher in a school and is moppam pidichifying the villains. He realizes the local industrialists are smuggling drugs , follows them in Tuticorin, Kerala, Chennai and finally comes face to face with the kingpin Danny at South Africa. In between all this, are duets with Anoushka, one side laauv with Hansika, kaamedy with Santhanam and Viveik, Amma-Appa sentiment, Blackberry, video calls, ipad password, false eyelashes and some hi-tech stuff contributing this world-class entertainer. Whether Dorai Singam nabbed Danny and told him who the king of Indian ocean was, did his romance with Anoushka work out, have we been made to realize the power of Indian police is what the suspense of the story is. 

Where there is no 'vay' ....

...use a "ley". Since the film has a Tuticorin backdrop we have a lot of veys and leys. All the leys and veys apart from travelling in boats saying eeey, veeey , leey also do an item dance with Anjali and her my-chitthi-is-forcing-me-to-dance velakkennai kudichcha look wearing left-overs from Khushbu-designed-dress in Kalakalappu. Kadavu'ley'!

Truly International vey!

Dorai Singam polandu kattufyes not just in Thoothukudi Tamizh but also in Indhi and English. When he utters the pullarikkira "D for Dil, D for Dushman, D for Dosti, D for Dorai Singam...." you want to clap non-stop and put a D for Dhanyavaad for Hari Saar for making Kollywood world-classer than what it is.

Director Hari Saar has made the villains speak Malayalam, Sinhalese and there is also Babylese which is villain Mukesh Rishi's va-va-va-va ba-ba-ba le-le-le and dupping coming to his rescue. Raguman looks confused and speaks one nember confused Tamizh. Chetta nee border cross cheydu Kerala migrate cheyyu, angane chaaya, Banana chips kazhichu. Kettiyo?

Music ley!

There is one dialogue in Singam 2 where Viveik makes one lengthy explanation of DSP standing for Devi Sri Prasad reminding us that the music director of the film is Sri Sri Sri Devi Sri Prasad. If there's one guy who should retire and resign immediately after this film, it is DSP! His songs sound like leftovers of Singam 1 and several other Golt movies. What's worse he ends up singing some of the tracks which obviously have been recorded in the bathroom . Constipated he sounds. "Sing and dance.. Singam dance" - Elay DSP! VRS vaangu ley!

Kaamedy vey!

What Peter, Muthu was to Nambiar in old films, Soosai is to Tamizh films these days. Every film has a kadarkarai background, fishermen sandhai, church backdrop, Parama pidha, Thiruchchabai reference scenes and there is a Soosai . I was infact looking for an Esakki as well. May be the character got chopped at the edit table. Santhanam plays Soosai in the film doing his own bit here and there adding to the madness. In between almost nail-biting serious scenes where Suriya is putting heroic dialaaks on what-else-but "INDIAN POLICE!!!!! " there is one sudden Santhanam kaamedy. That is the biggest Kaamedy of all ley!

Apparetion D ley!

Dorai Singam is on an ultimate mission to nab the baddies and comes up with Mission D where he is given the authority to shoot people and do whatever he wants to achieve his mission. This is one extra secretive mission which only Hari Saar's real life Mamanar & former Ettu-p-patti raasa Naattamai Vijaykumar and Dorai Singam are aware of. In one of the several climax scenes of the film, villain Raghuman tells Dorai "I'm aware of Mission D.. D for Doraisingam". Adukku Suriya says "D for Danny not Dorai singam" My gawwwddd! This this this this is one more fantastic-pullarikara moment of the film when you want to clap and put D for Dappanguthu for Hari Saar. 

Actors Gumbal ley!

I hope Hari Saar does NOT send this film for the National film awards. He should instead eye for the Aascars, Nobel Prize, Magsaysay and other International awards. To offset the presence of a bad Bhai, there is also a good (Kareem) bhai played by the one and only Mansoor (piles vyadiyo?) Ali Khan . To reiterate and remind the dumb audience that is us, that he is a "good" bhai, we have his wife in Burkha (note it you idiots!) at the hospital scene. I recommend Mansoor Ali Khan for Magsaysay award for putting up with piles vyaadhi and nadichu tuppufying. Long time no see Mansoor Bhai. Hope we see you more often from now on.

The Nobel Peace prize has to be given to Vijaykumar Saar. C'mon so much he has put up with right from Singam 1 to 2 for his daughter's (Director Hari Saar's wife) life! What's with actors like Radha Ravi and Kitty always looking constipated throughout the film .. I meant in  the 11 seconds they appear (5.5 seconds each) ? I strongly suspect there has been some food poisoning in the unit food during the shooting of Singam II. There is also Nasser, Manorama, Viveik, 'Shadows' Ravi, Sumithra, Yuvarani and one huge gumbal

There is also what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here Anoushka Shetty and here-I-am-looking-cute-and-bubbly-in-my-umpteenth-film Hansika Motwani as well. Looks like ivangalukkelam saappadu potte Producer would've spent half the budget of this film.


Dear Ajay Devgn, you can put dialaak, romance heroiney, dance, sing, jump, hit villains like Suriya but can any of your Indhi TV channels do a "Konjam Nadinga Boss" with any of your Singham 2 dialaaks should you decide to remake this too? The answer is NO! While watching the film, felt super thrilled at the very thought of namma makkal putting Singam 2 dialaaks in this world famous program on Adithya TV. Incase you are not aware of this awesomeness, here is a sample

Last wordsu ley

Meanwhile, while our dear #Thalarockzzz fans (still figuring out titles of 53, 55, 59.5 films) and #ThalapathyRockzzz fans (wondering how to remove their "Sura"tic tag) are trying to post pirated  links of Anoushka in Singam 2 with Kungumam on her Vagidu discussing whether she was married to Dorai Singam in the movie or not , and how Director Hari Saar has made this major continuity error of the blunder of the millennium and how Singam 2 is a blot to Kollywood's clean slate of epic movies like Billa 2 and Sura, guess who is loffing all the way to the bank making Kodis and breaking box-office records on Day 1?

"Sing and dance.. SINGAM dance!"  - bwahahahaha! 

Here's my rating of ... 4 stars... on Suriya's uniform . This man truly deserves a standing ovation, Padma Bhushan, Vibhushan, Param Vir chakra , Kalaimamani, Mylapore Academy, Adambakkam Fine arts and the other awards. 

Let's make him a 10 stars potta Chief Police Officer Dorai Singam - Ezhundu adicha ezhara tonne weighttu - Bring it on, Singam 3!

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Unknown said...

I'm unable to make out how much of this is sarcastic!!
Entertaining review anyway.

What happened to the Quoino samiyal final results ??

D LordLabak said...

Whistle podu ley!!! Surya rockzzzzzz

Asymptote said...

Nethiadi akka :)

Koina contest Rejult please

AKrishnan said...

I don't watch movies titled 'Singam' as a policy but loved your review. Hope the Director Hari Saar gets to read it too....

maithriim said...

Whatey! Super review. Every line is ROFL only!


Golappan said...

Asathal review ley