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Guest blogger's post: My Favourite Brand - Myself

My observation of the typical advertising 'babe'.. Scroll down for Guest blogger's post

Gopal is someone I got to know through the blogosphere. We later realized that we kinda worked for the same organization.. he as a full-time copywriter and me, a half-time vetti aabeesar there. Most of , rather all of our conversations have revolved around these French bearded advertising creatives who float around in pre-production meetings discussing their umpteenth Goa trip, Amitabh Bacchan's greatness as a brand ambassador, Cheeni Kum's 'tongue-in-cheek' (an ad guy's favourite expression) dialogues, Piyush Pandey's brilliant talent as a voice-over etc. When we met up recently, I suggested that he write something for my blog, on what else but Advertising stereotypes. So here it is..Mr.Slogan Murugan doing his first and my first on blog - Guest blogger's post. Oh ya, did I tell you that Gopal loves Goa, discusses only Majidi Majidi's latest film, reads the same page of a fat book on all three days of an ad film shoot and does everything else that makes him yet another Advertising stereotype?

Mr.Copywriter who recently shifted to Bengalooru, is also a 'slice of life' photographer. His blogs are filled with lovely pictures that he clicks on his way to work, every morning. Take a look - here and here

Thank you, G!

Guest post by M S Gopal

Once upon a time it was one of the hottest professions around. Today it is just one of the old economy professions, like cobblers, painters, etc.

Advertising. It still exists.

However, many still join it for the money and the fun that's associated with the profession. That's the reason most of them leave. After a short while. The ones who survive, probably do it because they are good at nothing else. Or hoping to be a bollywood film director some day.

For the few who are married to advertising, their lives are consumed by it. No, it's not the passion for work, which surfaces from time to time but the advertising professionals love for oneself. An advertising professionals favourite brand is not the ones he or she works on, but himself or herself. And the smart accountant who owns an advertising agency uses the love of an advertising professional for himself to maximise his or her profits.

Each agency usually has a big star or a couple of them. One campaign and the accountant who runs the show gets the PR machine running. It's like a cycle pump that blows air into an advertising creative's ego. And within no time, a star is created. The accountant meanwhile carries the star around and uses him or her to get more business. While the star hopes to use the same to make it into bollywood.

Meantime, the rest of the world should survive the creatives take on film making, music, cinematography, communication, screenplay, casting couch fantasies and more. Stuff your ears with cotton.

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Anonymous said...

Hiyaa, me thaaan opening the comment section! :p

//me, a half-time vetti aabeesar there//

ROTFL :)) unmaiya orakka solla kooda dhairiyam venum, adhu niraya irukku, parattaren.

will check out his space, thanks for the link.

*ahem, apdiye en kadaikkum oru vilambaram kuduthaa nalla irukkum.
evloo selavaanaalum paravayilla, karthee irukkan sponsor panna. :) LOL

@karthee, eley! intha thadavaiyum naan seconduku munthi. singam ley! :p

Anonymous said...

sorry for spamming with the shecondu comment also:

LOL on blogeswari ammal's jesture.

enna cooku sambalam pathala!nu velaiya vittutu oditaala? :)

@karthee, neeyum 2 comment pottuko, yekka onnum solla maattanga! :)

coz appa thaan kanakku sariyaa varum, also unakkum archanai vizhum. :p

Karthik Sriram said...

I guess every profession has its own share of the so-called "black sheep". But when they are of the "showy" variety as in ad world, it gets painfully obvious.

@ ambi,

Yaaru first comment podaraan nu mukkiyam illa - yaaru kadaisila (quiz la)prize oda porano avan dhaan le singam.... Naan eppovo Singam ayitten.

And indha madri rendavadhu comment pottu, seruppadi vanga naan onnum ambi illa! :P

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

I lasted 5 years... and still do the odd bit of freelance. I can't believe it took me that long to quit. well semi quit. looking forward to more guest blogs posts!

D LordLabak said...

Gopal?! is he in our list B? I dont remember.;-)