Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dikaan dikaan dish...

"Diwali- festival of sound and light.... try to ignite that light within u and in others... Happy Diwali!" (naa light illappa, heavy!! am trying to be 'light'.. thank you very much!)

"May millions of lamps illuminate ur life with endless joy, prosperity, health, wealth n happiness 4ever... Happy Diwali!" (ivlo daana , innum konjam add pannunga viz uppu, puli, melagai ...)

"Aaj mere pass rocket he, sutli bomb he, dher sare patakhe he, tumhare ps kya he?" - "mere pass MAA-CHISS he... Happy Diwali!" (Naataamaa! dialaak-a maatu!)

"Aapko bhi" (paavam ivarukku romba viral-vali nnu nenaikkaren!)

I am sure you have been receiving several such messages since Sunday.

Out of the 50 odd SMSes, one cute kutty SMS sent by the best Tamil RJ , caught my eye.

"Dikkan Dikkan dish... Deepavali wish!" - (Saravanaa, piniteenganne!)

I decided to do one number yesa paattu for this.

"Dandaanaa darrrnaa Deebavali wish-nganna" messaged I. The same message was forwarded to several others. Ayyo, how can I leave out my akkas and thangachis since this SMS was specifically for annas?

So the creative kumari in me pongifyed... yet again.
"Ballelakka balelakka, Deepavali wish-kka" was my ishtyle to all my akkas- ayyo idhu enakke taangala!

Teesu replied to the above "meimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimei" - "What waaj that ?Some Chinese wish?" I wondered. She was SMS-ing the second verse of Ballelakka.. yakka teesu! one kumbudu to you.

With SMSes and e-cards replacing the greeting card, it was indeed a surprise to receive a nice Diwali card from the bosses... with a personal touch.

"May the ideas never dry... Season's greetings and best wishes for a Happy Diwali"

Thank you boss(es). The way my think tank is functioning, I hope I don't run out of ideas soon!

Happy Deepavali!

2 Responses:

Dilip Muralidaran said...

ayyo, thaanga mudiyala da saami! :D

maxdavinci said...

ROFl at teh meimeimei