Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"I watch wonly Discovery travel & living, BBC, NGC, CNBC" - adaadaada, how many vetti bandha cases have you heard saying the above?

I watch wonly Suntv, Kalaignar tv, Rajtv, Vijay tv, Jaya tv and Podhigai and crib to my purushan that the cable guy doesn't provide us with Makkal tv, SS Music, Win tv and others. Do you know that there was a magazine called Chinnathirai which is now defunct but comes as an Ilavasa inaippu with Manjula Ramesh's Snegidhi?

After a two hour journey back from office, I'd rather watch ' Arigiri Assembly' on Jaya tv than "Is it a lacklustre Diwali?" - a discussion with Prahlad Kakkar, Aleque Padamsee, Suhel Seth and ofcourse a sobbing Barkha Dutt OR Cheetahs chasing deers on NGC or The top 10 bathtubs of the world on Travel & living.

Be it Deepavali / Pongal / Aug 15th - No festival is complete without my chinnathirai dose of "India tolaikatchigalil mudhal murayagaaa..." Here's a TV quiz for you created with all my lauvvv for Metti oli, Maanada Mayilada, Super singer and Arasi of Chinna-thirai. Identify the popular faces of Chinnathirai from this grid.

  • 9 points to be won - one point per correct answer
  • One attempt per person / Only one guess allowed
  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com

The success of this quiz is in your hands. Based on your aadaravu I will decide whether to continue this series or not. Over to you...

Answers, in a few days

9 Responses:

Dilip Muralidaran said...

damn, you went to youtube, played these videos, print screen adchified and cropped them square and made a collage and uploaded the here? you beat the crap out of me in vettiness! :P

Dilip Muralidaran said...

and of course, im not even gonna attempt the quiz... i watch wonly youtube :D

ammani said...

I recognise,
1. Poovilangu Kuyili
2. That woman from the nallannai ad
3. Aiyo avan peru marandhu pochhu - he goes to KB's office every New Year's day to get His blessings. Married to that woman who also acts.
4. Anupama who sang that song for ARR and continues to sing that one and only song
5. That woman from Raju-master's troupe - Something Santhi

Anonymous said...

Let me try.....

1 Tinku (child artist,Rajini maadiri varvennu nenaichaan)
2 Anupama (paly back singer)
3 'Snake' santi (metti oli title song)
4 Chetan (devadarsiniyin purusan)
5 ivan peru teriyala (naanga mannunu vechirikkom)
6 manager cheena
7 kuyili
8 inda kizhavi metti oliyil varuvaa
9 Gayathri (metti oli 'saro')

maxdavinci said...

I havent even seen the other faces baring two guys in the middle row!

my indhi brought up has hampered by chinna thirai identifyability.

How about one one Big boss, Saregamepa or indian idol? I'd wint hem hands down!

Anonymous said...

I checked with my Husband and he informed me the Middle one No.5 is Azhagu, ex-Stunt Artist. You can get a fleeting glimpse of him in almost all 1980-90 Kamal / Rajni fight scenes

ILA (a) இளா said...

1. Tinku
2. No Clue
3. Shankthi(Choreographer)
5.Murugesan(Ex.Stunt Man)
6.Kaathadi Rama murthi
8. Name Unknown(Che, evlo padathula paarthirukom)

ILA (a) இளா said...

6. Mgr Cheena?

Artnavy said...

bring it on in hindi okay?