Friday, November 07, 2008

Saappaturaami 7

Whenever mummy-gaaru and I talk about Akka sokka's wedding, she doesn't fail to talk about the then to-be Athimber 's visit (to my apartment in Mumbai) for dinner with his friends when we ran out of gas cylinder, borrowed neighbour's, and the yummy dinner that she had prepared for almost eight of us with one kutty cooker of mine, otthai gas blah blah and ... adds on how maavu maniac yours truly ate off the entire gulab jamun maavu even before she could fry them! heehaww!

Saappaturaami 7 is about one new maavu item that I have discovered recently.

DK and I have become quite good friends in office not because we sit next to each other closely but because of our love for food. We discuss what to order for lunch at 9 am... discuss my mother's rava laddu, her mother's puran poli more than we discuss sales deals. DK visits her home town Pune every weekend and brings a whole lot of goodies on Monday - puran poli, chips, chivda, parathas etc. which the whole office looks foward to.

This is one such item that she brings without fail for me - Udid Papad Lathi. We could call it 'Ulundu Appalam maavu' . Damp Appalam maavu rolled into small balls and sold as a packet of 9 with a kutty toothpick.

It is a real treat for maavu lovers like me. If you are a real maavu lover and the next time you visit Pune, do buy this awesome item. It is available at:

Udid Papad Lathi manufactured by Shaila Gruha Udyog, S. no. 118, Vithalwadi Jakatnaka, Sinhagad Road, near Big bazaar, Pune 411030.
A 100gm packet with 9 urundai maavus costs Rs.13/-

Ingredients : Udid (Ulundu), Black pepper, Papad Khar (whatever that means), Asafoetida, Salt

I am sure you are not interested in other details viz. Calcium - 132 mg, Iron 4.1 mg, Fats - vidunga, why bother?


PS: Tele-vetti 4 is here and விளம்பர விளையாட்டு 27 is here

5 Responses:

kaushik said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,...i love appalam orundai....

I wish i stayed in pune...rombo sapdathinga...kadhu seviduaidum solluvanga

Artnavy said...

way to go- nice vazhaipoo snap- u make it? - hats off!!

i love cake batter despite the raw egg and the half vendha kai murukku

maxdavinci said...

I like chapati maavu!

maavu lovers aaf the world unite!

B o o said...

Wow, appalam maavu in a packet? Who would ve thought!!! Now if I can get some ready made Javvarisi vadaam maavu, I ll die happily! If its arai vekkaadu, even better! :) *drool*

umm oviya said...

you mean you eat it raw? or you make appalam with it?