Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love New

Sony's Jhalak Dikhlaja season 3 started it. "Aaj kya new kiya?" they asked. Do something new... Do something different from the routine... take a different route etc etc.

Tata Docomo that launched in South recently has a tagline - 'Do the new' . K S Chakravarthy, National creative director , Draft FCB Ulka says, “‘Do the New’ is all about inviting people to be adventurous, be fresh in their thinking and asking people not to follow the beaten track” - Whatever!

Unilever's Dove shampoo's new campaign asks "What have you done new today?" or something similar to that.

I worked on all three briefs (No, I don't work for an advertising agency... these guys happen to be our clients) and ended up reading the same 'inviting-people-to-try-something-new'... 'fresh thinking' kinda nonsense in all the three.

And all these 'NEW' campaigns were launched between Jan and June this year. I just have one thing to say to these lovely, creative duds - "Please think of something new"

Inspired by all the newness around. Here's my NEW blog. It is open only for few friends and tweeple who I haven't met. If you want access you've gotta be either of the two.

When you don't know how to end a post, the best thing to do is to go the advertising way. Ask the question of the season - "So, what have you done new today?"

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You can start a post that way too!

Appu said...

i would say docomo's ad campaign is catching up pretty good.their user guide was one of the best and interesting one's. I would say real creative too. :)

Slogan Murugan said...

This is a nice way to put across your old complaint about ad agencies!

reverse questioning. What did they do new today!

Clap clap

ambi said...

LOL on your new blog's name :)))

me no invitation. avvvvvv :))

Anonymous said...

I thought you liked SJ Surya's first movie as hero :-)