Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Walk Down Rahman Lane by Anjana

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*Thadak dhum dhoom* was how I used to sing the opening thunder clasp of 'Yaayire' from
Rangeela. My mom had a Akai music system that used to sit on my study table. Every morning, as she used to get ready for work she'd put in a cassette and hit play. Sometimes it would be Thiruda Thiruda, sometimes it would be Rangeela. But ARR was constant even without her consciously being an ARR fan. If there was one song or album of Rahman's that I would hold special (ugh, this choice is so hard because my mind instantly flits between Rangeela, Roja, Minsara Kanavu and so many more) then it would be Rangeela. I am no music expert to pinpoint on the exact reason for this and I don't think one expects reason here, but the entire album was very 'Rangeela' indeed. Going from "Kya Kare Kya Na Kare" to "Hai Rama" to "Mangta hai kya" each song had a different perkiness to it that appealed to the 8 year old me. Without even seeing the visuals, I 'favourited' these songs instantly.

Even today, that iconic thunder clasp brings back memories of a girl in two braids sitting at her study table, looking that black jacket of Rangeela, slowly becoming a fan of the man behind the magic, ARR.

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Moving out of the crowded metros, Anjana has made the best decision of her life, living in a sleepy little town in Tamilnadu. A lover of Coffee and Crocheting, Anjana handles social media for clients and hosts her own podcasts. An active blogger, Anjana was an RJ and a Product manager apart from being a Baby wearing consultant. Oh, did I mention she works with her husband as well, in their business?


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