Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Walk Down Rahman Lane by Sharanya

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Very early on in my relationship with this one boy- he spoke to me about how much he was moved by Dil Se. The Gujarati in him hadn't obviously watched the Tamizh version.  Just like he hadn't watched any of his Mani Ratnam favorites in the language it was originally meant to be watched in-my mother tongue, Tamizh. 

Growing up so far away from the home to the language- music became the fastest way for my Bombay waala Bhelpuri Tamil to look at nuance and truly appreciate the 'roots'. "'Rahman is universal, you can't stake claim on him," he would laugh at my being territorial of the same tune in its original form.

Years later, we would be in a dark movie theatre- him passing his ultimate test- sitting between Amma and me-watching his first ever Tamizh padam- for nothing but ARR in all his glory. My mother was impressed.

Months later, my entire extended family was. Five years later, on afternoons when I don't even notice him- I catch him singing - Mana mana mental ManadhilThe original.


About Sharanya

Sakalakalavalli Sharanya is a singer, radio host, screenplay writer and is a Studio head.
When not planning her next solo holiday, she's busy writing award winning shorts and mentoring a bunch of young creative writers in the team.

Always bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm, this Lockdown period has been quite a busy one for their studio what with releasing back to back shorts on their YouTube channel.

Meet Shar here & here.

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