Sunday, November 09, 2008

Saappaturaami 8

The entire team including poor me was working at the office on Saturday and the only exciting thing I was looking forward to was my Saturday lunch with mummy-gaaru before my marathon meeting at work. So off we (Mum & I) drove all the way to Phoenix mills ('coz it was convenient for me to go to aabees after lunch) for a Saturday lunch at Copper Chimney.

I remember having had some great veggie food at Copper chimney,Bandra /Andheri almost a decade ago. So here I was looking forward to yummy saappadu.

Sodappal # 1

We walked in at around 12 noon and there was some sleepy young fellow who came down to take the order. Our friend seemed disinterested in answering our queries on various items on the menu.

Sodappal # 2

No sign of food for almost 20 minutes. Sleepy head tells us to wait for "five minutes madam"... Another ten minutes, I completely lost it with my small kudal eating big kudal. Black coat suit guy - (Manager!) apologises 'coz "gas leak hogaya hai". After five minutes, we get our food.

Sodappals # 3, 4 and 5

Subz kadai - The veggies were not cooked well. Brinjal and Potatoes? You'll see these kinda combos only in office canteens. I realise that the price hike has hit them badly but odd combo, sad cooking - simply not done!

Veg Biryani - One yeno taano dish with veggies and basmati rice 'put together'.

Methi Parathas - Quite nice... the only stuff that tasted good .

Dal - Mrs. Ganga Pawankumar (my cook!) makes better dal.

Amma quite enjoyed her lunch probably because it was a welcome change from the usual sadam, rice, kootu , curry at home... but, for me it was definitely pathetic .

More than just food, I look for good service in any restaurant. That was definitely missing in Copper Chimney, Phoenix mills, Lower Parel (w), Mumbai. If you are around Phoenix mills craving for some good veggie food, opt for Mumbai blues or Noodle bar.

Saappaturaami rating : 2 out of 5

Can't wait to post the next - Saappaturaami 9 is about our Sunday brunch..coming soon!
PS # 1   Bloglines still open for Tele-vetti 5 and விளம்பர விளையாட்டு 27

PS # 2   Right-mein choodu and identify the film. It is not Guru Sishyan - it is not Dharmattin Thalaivan either. 

3 Responses:

umm oviya said...

Phoenix Mills is where that bowling alley was right? near your old place? Which we went to... i don't like CC in chennai either.
boring food.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

So sad. The Copper Chimney here in Chennai has great food but usually fairly lousy service and even has an openly unfriendly Maitre D' whom I am STILL trying to get to smile. May manage soon. Hey this guy acts in Aalavandhaan with Kamal as the co-prisoner -- Kamal kills and throws into a tank of water! Still, I revisit CC for the food.

Artnavy said...

copper chimney juhu used to be a good while long ago
the one in andheri east was not as good- those days

i used to like khyber near kala ghoda - is it still there??

i didnt like CC in chennai- very slow and dull