Saturday, June 13, 2009

சொதப்பல் அட்வர்டைஸ்மென்ட் 4

This product's USP is its salt content and the client wanted to highlight the same in his ads. The first series of ads had pretty woman with lots and lots of makeup barge into cafes`, trains with their camera crew and ask smart looking men who say "awww" (not this awww) - "Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?" [Does your toothpaste have salt?] and when these men give their 'I-am-an-onnan-number-bekku' look, they are given a pack of Colgate active salt and the lady + crew runs out but only after saying "Let's go!"

[Don't miss the bekku's look in the above photograph..he he ]

Watch the television commercial with Shiv Pandit and Koel Purie. And please don't miss the fact that this man carries his toothpaste wherever he goes... even to the Cafe`... ha ha ha!

These ads were released about two years ago. And for this year, the client's brief to the advertising agency would have been to 'go a step ahead'. And the agency,taking their words literally has gone ahead.. from trains to aircrafts. This time we see yet another bekku and model (Sandhya mridul) in an aircraft!

Our smart man a.k.a bekku with eyebrows shaped [metrosexual-aam..dho-da!] is mossukufying something in the aircraft and says "awww" and enter Sandhya Mridul and gang asking the dreaded "Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?" . Bekku says No. Madam gives Colgate active salt and says "Let's go!" and gets out. Oh yes, our man does carry the toothpaste with him wherever he goes. Aren't we supposed to put toothpaste and other creams in our check-in baggage ? How was this man allowed to carry his coveted 'tooth paste' with him?

Look carefully. This time, there is an addition in the end. After the drama in the aircraft and the product shot etc. bekku with his shaped eyebrows comes back. This time we see him infront of the mirror, brushing his teeth. He TASTES the product and says "mmm..taste bhi badhiya hai!" [tastes wonderful]. Aaaandaaavaa!

Such ads make me feel good. I was never into the 'creative' bit of ad films. Was more of a logistics person. And one fine day, I joined this company and found myself doing 'creative' work for the branch and the next year became part of the National creative team. [yabba, evlo naala idha sollanumnnu nenachen? ]

"Adade, Are we really worth being a part of the national creative team of the best media brand in the country? [ellam oru vilambarandeeinnn]Doesn't creativity require talking ore-da jargon and maha moolais?" I ask myself almost everyday.

But when I look at such duds and the brains behind these ads, I tell myself "Adiyeeiii inime National enna, you can be a part of the International creative team also,di!"

Apdi podu!

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Kollywood Kostan # 24's correct answer: Siva Manasula Sakti . Congratulations Preetha!

7 Responses:

Vijay said...

intha metrosexual, male eyebrow-shaping kanraviyellam eppongka nammoorukku vanthichchu?!

Unknown said...

Nice conclusion! UK la mattum yenna vazhudam - same lack of creativity.

Aaanalum yenakku oru semma doubt - after giving the bloke the new toothpaste in the aircraft, Sandhya Mridul says, "lets go" - where does she go? Jump out of the aircraft (from my limited experience of flying, you get something to mosukkufy only after the flight takes off)? If she does jump off, hope she forgets her parachute!

mekie said...

lol.. these ads remind me of 'Ad Zap' competitions in schools!! And, 'salt' in toothpaste?? is it the latest magic ingredient? hope it's not ammonium hydroxide salt. :D

Sri said...

LOL! Good question "Unused Mind".

The vellaikaran in the seat behind has been wasted though. They should've made him say "ithu enga orrula kooda illaye!"

Maddy said...

[yabba, evlo naala idha sollanumnnu nenachen? ]

I tell myself "Adiyeeiii inime National enna, you can be a part of the International creative team also,di!"

Apdi podu!

Blogeswari ammalukku thagiriyam kotha naama adeesment vaalga!!

Mandaikulla irukkarathai kalatti vatchuttu sila cinema naam paakarithillayaa, adhu maathiri thaan indha ad-um..

கா.கி said...

After seeing the picture first, i read the post's title as சொத்தப்பல் advertisement.. lol.. that "onnam number bekku look" comment was great.. another sodhappal one u can see is the latest nokia ad featuring priyanka.. i don get the idea behind the Ad.. i doesnt convey anything rather than showing priyanka doin korangu dance in her bedroom..

Karthik said...

arey sahi... but i dont think ad designers are not that pathetic... for example zoozoo,airtel(impatience is new life),bajaj old piyush pandey... thr hav been gr8 ads... anyways awesome post